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Billing FAQs

Billing Questions

Q: What is your Billing/ Customer Service Contact Information?
A: Holdsworth Pelton and Associates. 860-638-1800 http://www.ambulancebill.com and http://www.holdsworth.com

Q: Where do I send my payment?
A: Holdsworth Pelton and Associates 269 Main Street Cromwell, CT 06416

Q: How do you set your ambulance charges?
A: Windsor Volunteer Ambulance does not set the rates we charge. The State of Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Services sets all rates in partnership with the Department of Public Health and the region.

Q: I gave you my insurance information during the transport…why did you bill me?
A: At times we don?t receive ALL the information needed at the time of transport due to the provider?s main concern is your treatment and transport. Many insurance companies require signatures from patients to bill and sometimes, we may not be able to obtain it after your transport. Many insurance companies have multiple claim submission addresses. We also send out a Patient Notification when billing some insurance that can be mistaken as a bill. Please be sure to read all information on your invoice.

Q: What if the insurance company paid me instead of the ambulance company?
A: Please sign the back of the check and forward to the addresses listed above.

Q: If the patient is deceased, what is my next step as their representative?
A: Please call our billing service’s customer service line at 860-638-1800 for direct assistance or information.

Q: How do I make a credit card payment or get information online?
A: Please contact our billing company at 860-638-1800 or go to the website www.ambulancebill.com

Q: If I am not able to pay the full bill are there other options like a payment plan?
A: For people with financial hardships or if you are unable to pay the bill in full please contact the billing company’s Customer Service Line at 860-638-1800

Q: Why was my bill denied?
A: There are many reasons why an ambulance transport can be denied. Please call your insurance company first to obtain further information regarding your denial. The only information we receive on denials is brief and at times can be non-descriptive.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?
A: The patient or a legal representative my request medical records at any time. You may write your request to: PO Box 508 Windsor, CT 06095. Please be advised that a $0.65/per page charge may be applied.

If you have any other questions please e-mail any operations officer or feel free to contact the operations staff at 688-8244 plus their extension for questions other than billing.

For billing questions please contact Dennis Guay.

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