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In the beginning, the members paid out of their own pockets to resupply the ambulance and set up a schedule to cover the town. Windsor Volunteer Ambulance was incorporated shortly thereafter as an EMT-Basic service. In the 1980’s we saw call volume go from 900 calls in the first year of operation to an average of 2000 calls over the next 9 years. During this time, membership increased from the 26 founding members to 140 active members.

To fill a need for a backup ambulance when the primary unit was down for service, WVA arranged to re-purchase a Cadillac ambulance that had previously served Windsor. Our level of service was upgraded to EMT-Intermediate in February of 1984, and to EMT-Paramedic in 1992. The move to our present facility on William Street in January 1991 allowed us to improve our services. We were able to add a third ambulance and 2 Paramedic Intercept vehicles to our fleet. The new building provided training rooms, staff offices, crew quarters, storage and supply space.

To ensure the survival of Windsor Volunteer Ambulance Inc., we began billing for services rendered in 1992. Due to rising healthcare costs, we depend on public donations and billing from insurance companies.

Today, Windsor Volunteer Ambulance Inc. responds to about 4,000 911 emergency calls per year. We have over 60 members serving more than 27,500 town residents and covering an area of over 30 square miles. Windsor is one of the busiest volunteer services in the state, and as such attracts many EMS volunteers looking for experience.

Windsor Volunteer Ambulance is active in the community through many programs and special events. We are always looking for people who are interested in serving their community. We also depend on the support of the community to help us provide a high quality service.

We look forward to continued service to the people of Windsor, Wilson, Poquonock, and Hayden Station.


President / CEO Terrence Greaves

Mr. Greaves started his career with WVA in January 2000 as a junior member quickly gaining experience and training in CPR and First Aid. Later that year he completed his certification as a Medical Response Technician. Mr. Greaves served the organization for 3 years before becoming an Emergency Medical Technician in 2003. Mr. Greaves was drawn to WVA by the genuine caring attitude of all those who work here and their dedication to the well being of citizens of Windsor. As Terrence’s career advanced, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant of Operations, and a few months later was once again promoted to the rank of Captain of Operations. During 2007 Mr. Greaves was advanced to his current position of Deputy Chief of Operations. In, 2011 Mr. Greaves became an Emergency Medical Services Instructor. Mr. Greaves holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice – Investigative Services and a Master’s Degree in National Security Administration from the University of New Haven. In his role of President, Mr. Greaves oversees all financial and budgetary aspects of the organization.

Chief of Service Dan Moylan

Mr. Moylan started his career with WVA in 2000 volunteering as a Medical Response Technician. In 2002 Mr. Moylan became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and soon after was promoted to Field Training Officer. In 2004 Daniel was appointed as a Lieutenant. Over the next year Daniel continued his growth in WVA and in 2005 was promoted to the rank of Captain. Over the years Daniel has assisted with a variety of training classes such as CPR, First Aid and Basic Life Support. In 2009 as WVA continued to grow, Daniel was hired as one of the first full time employees in WVA history with the rank of Deputy Chief of Operations. In his current position as the Chief of Operations, Daniel oversees all the operations of our company.

Captain Sarah Dowd

Captain Dowd started her career with WVA in 2010, volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician. She was drawn to WVA for its reputation of skillfully and passionately serving the community, as well as its dedication to education. She was hired as a per diem EMT in the summer of 2013, and began full time in the winter of that same year. In August of 2014, Captain Dowd was promoted to Field Training Officer. As an FTO, she worked closely with newly hired EMT-B’s with all levels of experience. She was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2015 and five years later, in 2020, she was appointed to the rank of Captain. As part of the management staff, Captain Dowd specializes in billing and quality assurance, in addition to general shift supervision. Sarah assists with both administrative duties and human resource management.

Lieutenant Shannon Whalen

Lt. Whalen started her career in emergency services in her hometown of Newington in 2004 by volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician. She also volunteered as a firefighter in Newington and obtained her Firefighter 1 certification in 2006. Lt. Whalen was drawn to the emergency services field at a young age as she comes from a family full of police, fire, military, and EMS personnel. She continued her EMS career working for an ambulance service in the City of Hartford from 2007 until present. Lt. Whalen obtained her paramedic license in 2014. She worked as a paramedic in the city until she started her journey with Windsor EMS in 2019. In 2020, Lt. Whalen was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant of Operations. In addition to working as a paramedic, she also works as a dispatcher and as a training specialist for Hartford Hospital’s CESI department. In 2020, she became certified as an Emergency Medical Services Instructor. Lt. Whalen has obtained her Bachelors of General Studies in Law and Society from the University of Connecticut. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Management with a focus in Emergency Management. In her position of lieutenant, Ms. Whalen will be coordinating the field training program for both our BLS and ALS providers. Additionally, she will be coordinating our medical supplies process.
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