Why Volunteer?

At the core of WVA is a dedicated group of volunteers who give their time and skills back to the community. While everyone volunteers for different reasons – all of us have the same goal of quality patient care. We depend on volunteers and are looking for new recruits every day.

If you are seeking employment, please visit the employment page.

EMT classes run several times each year and help you gain the skills you need to become part our medical staff.  Not sure if EMS volunteer work is for you? Try it out through our Ride Along program!

All Applicants who are joining to ride must hold at least a valid EMT-B Certification.

To volunteer with WVA, please complete the “Application” online.

If you would like to try the Ride Along program, download the Observer Application Form and Bloodborne Pathogens Fact Sheet below. Send the application to WVA and read the fact sheet.

Not sure about riding on an ambulance? Try a ride along!

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